Test Your Problem-Solving Skills at A Game of Rooms

If you’ve never tried an escape room, A Game of Rooms has the perfect option for you: its “Escape Detention” experience. This room is designed for beginners and younger players who are new to the world of escape rooms. Here’s how the scene is set: you and your friends were caught cheating, and you’ve been sent to detention. However, there’s a way to get out without being noticed—as long as you can follow the clues left by previous troublemakers, you’ll escape the room within 60 minutes and win the game.

If you’re looking for more of a challenge, reserve “Cabin Fever.” In this room, you’ll be plunged into the midst of a blizzard at an isolated ski resort. You were fortunate enough to find a cabin for some shelter, but with an avalanche looming, you shouldn’t stay for long. If you can successfully follow hints to escape, you and your friends will be saved. Finally, there’s “Prison Break,” a room in which you’ll have to find a way out of your cell after you’ve been caught robbing a local bank.