Pair Asian-European Baked Goods With Unique Teas at Teamania

A new café just opened up right in the middle of the shops and restaurants in Rockville, and despite all that the area already has to offer, it’s something that you likely haven’t seen before. Teamania is a chic, sit-down café and bakery specializing in Asian-European baked goods and drinks.

As the name might hint, the tea selection here is extensive, with options that are as unexpected as they are delicious. Cheese tea (or "milk cap") is one such specialty, and you can choose from a variety of flavors like Osmanthus Oolong or Red Jade. Fresh fruit and milk teas are also on the menu, along with classic coffee and espresso. The pastries and desserts have the same nod to Asian and European favorites, and the display cases are often lined with exquisitely beautiful scones, tarts and cakes. Whether you go with a standard chocolate mousse cake or something more surprising, like camembert and cranberry stuffed bread, you won’t be disappointed.

Find Teamania across from the fire station on Rollins Avenue. They open daily at 9:30 a.m.