Take the Kids for Some Indoor Play at Badlands Playspace

The next time your kids need to release some pent-up energy but it’s too cold to play outside, consider heading over to Badlands Playspace. This Rockville facility specializes in indoor play experiences that mimic the fun of being outdoors.

The main play area includes a large, eight feet high boulder landscape where children can scramble and climb, surrounded by a hilly field of artificial turn where kids can run and jump. There’s also the indoor Aspen Grove area featuring a maze of real aspen tree trunks that children enjoy wandering through and squeezing between. You’ll even find a few live chickens in the Barnyard play area, which children can pet and feed. Looking for something a little more low-key? No problem; Badlands Playspace also has plenty of traditional indoor play spaces, including a Lego table, toy cars, blocks, and more. There’s even a movie room filled with beanbags where everyone can relax and settle down before heading home.