Build a Healthy Lunch Bowl at Honeyfish Poke

Honeyfish Poke proves that fast food doesn't have to be unhealthy. Instead of dishing out deep-fried foods, they offer build-your-own poke bowls loaded with fresh, colorful ingredients. Since you can pick the exact proteins, toppings, and sauces you want, there's something for any fan of seafood at Honeyfish Poke.

Start by selecting a size from either three or four scoops of protein. Then, choose those proteins from a list that includes tuna, salmon, octopus, and tofu. Next, pick your base: white rice, brown rice, kale, or mixed greens. Add as many toppings as you like, including edamame, crab meat, masago, and mango, and decide on a sauce. There are the house ponzu and the house spicy, as well as spicy mayo, creamy wasabi, and habanero mango. A staffer will build your bowl right before your eyes then hand it over so that you can dig in.